Romanian MP Demands Answers From Gambling Regulator

A Romanian parliamentarian has hit out at the country’s gambling regulator, criticising the measures which are currently in place to prevent unauthorised betting. Dumitru Mihalescul has challenged the head of the National Office for Gambling to provide answers to three official parliamentary questions, addressing how the industry operates. 

General support for gambling 

As a member of the Romanian Chamber of Deputies, Dumitru Mihalescul has led calls for the regulator to explain its actions to the government, and in particular what it is doing to protect those who should not have access to gambling within society.  

Marius-Sebastian Ionescu is the head of Romania’s National Office for Gambling and must now respond to the parliamentary questions that Mihalescul has set out.

The parliamentarian was keen to point out that he was in support of gambling overall and was not objecting to its legal status. Dumitru Mihalescul described himself as an “entrepreneur” and said he would be in support of any private initiative within the Romanian economy providing it could be properly regulated to bring its conduct and outcomes in line with “the goals of Romanian society”. 

Gambling has been legal in Romania since 1990, with the first casino opening the following year. Under the Communist regime which collapsed in 1989, no gambling of any kind was permitted. Since its reintroduction, gambling has exploded in popularity in the country and it now has one of the largest industries in Europe.  

Calls for tighter controls 

Although gambling is widespread in Romania, it has a reputation for being poorly regulated, a fact which Dumitru Mihalescul is keen to address.  

The parliamentary questions he has raised must receive a proper answer according to Article 111 of Romanian law. The National Office for Gambling is a government body, and is responsible for providing answers to the written questions submitted.  

The first two questions submitted related to the subject of children gambling, and asked whether there was any legislation waiting to be introduced that would prevent gambling in schools and what the safeguard were that would prevent children from gambling online.  

Mihalescul was scathing about the current protection which simply requires a player to click a button to confirm they are aged 18 or over, describing it as a filter that can be effectively “avoided even by a 7 year old”. 

The final question asked the regulator whether gambling should be restricted to tourist areas of the country rather than permitting it to be widespread.  

No replies have been provided as yet by the National Office for Gambling.


Source – Igaming world

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