Nairobi Fires Off Crackdown on Illegal Gambling Dealers and Shisha Joints


Despite the Kenyan government imposing a ban on the importation of gaming machines last year, illegal dealers have found a way to assemble these gaming machines locally. Kang’ethe Thuku, the Nairobi Regional Commissioner, said that these illegal dealers have used several different components to put together the motherboard, and have managed to assemble the entire machine in such a way.

Thuku added that the government was ready to go after these unscrupulous dealers who are engaging in illegal activities. He also urged the youths of his country who felt they were addicted to gambling to do the right thing and help the authorities go after and expose the people who are assembling these machines.

It is to be noted that when the government announced its ban on gambling machines last year, the main reason cited was the addiction to coin-slot gambling machines among the youth and children of the country. They said that children “rob” money from their parents for gambling purposes, with some even skipping schools to go gambling instead.

Thuku mentioned that even though there is a ban on importing the machines, the government is aware of the fact that several dealers have started building the motherboards locally. Calling to the youth for help, he urged them to show where these dealers are so that authorities can take them to court where it will be ensured that they face the “full force of the law.”

Just recently, as part of the government’s crackdown on such unscrupulous activities, hundreds of locally made machines, along with shisha pots were destroyed by the police in the Baba Dogo area of Nairobi. Police seized the machines from different parts of Nairobi such as Makadara, Buruburu and Korogocho.

Children, youth and women affected, residents say

The gambling addiction has grown so bad that children, youth as well as women have been affected, residents of Nairobi say in an interview. Despite efforts from the government to put an end to the craze, it appears dealers have found a way to creep back into the lives of punters in the state.

Thuku also said that if gambling machines are found, then the chiefs and their assistants of the region they were found in would be held responsible. He added that they do not want criminal activities to take place in their communities, and the government is doing what needs to be done since many children and youth are unable to think of anything else because of their gambling addiction.

Source – Igaming world

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